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Collaborative Work by APPL

Public awareness in India about genetically modified seed and crops, in general, is poor. There is no labeling in stores on genetically engineered food materials. Consumers are, therefore, totally in the dark on what they are eating and what are their effects on health.

APPL organized a workshop, in collaboration with Center For Contemporary Studies & Research, Lucknow, on Genetically Modified seeds and crops and its implications on our agriculture and food situations and especially the over all impact on the farming community in India, on April 13, 2008 at Gorakhpur, India.

Report on APPL and CCS&R’s workshop/meeting on “Doctors Against Genetically Modified Food & Crops(GMO)” (Gorakhpur Chapter) & Screering of Mahesh Bhatt’ s Film “POISON ON THE PLATTER’’ held on January 16, 2010.

[2008 - 2010]
Genetically Modified Crops, with Center For Contemporary Studies & Research, Lucknow

Health-care and awareness among Rikshaw pullers is poor. Rikshaw Pullers are generally self-employed people with poor family background, low literacy and income, malnutritioned, having hard & long working hours, exploited, with low awareness about importance of cleanliness and absence of regular health care. 


A health camp,in collaboration with Awadh Diagnostic Centre ,Gorakhpur was organized  by APPL at Bitchhia Camp Jungle Tulsi Ram, Gorakhpur ,U.P. on November 23, 2008.


About 110 riksha pullers participated in the program. Apart from  health screening for some major diseases, and general Eye and Dental checkups was done. Also, importance of cleanliness  and healthy and nutritious food was also explained .

Health Check-up camp of Rikshaw Pullers with Awadh Diagnostic Centre, Gorakhpur

Imparting practical education to poor kids of laborers. Just like everywhere in India, near the new IBM Research location in New Delhi, India, one can find numerous children not going to school and living in filthy environment.


Volunteers from IRL had started an amazing grass root endeavor to educate some of these children since early 2007. APPL joined hands and helped organize running the classes on regular basis (about 50 children are enrolled and on any typical day 25-30 children attend the class), take the children to picnic, organize a health camp for these children in Aug 2007 and distribution of woolens in November 2007.

[2007 - 2008]
Educating slum kids with Volunteers from IBM India Research Lab, Delhi

Given the need to spread awareness about cleanliness, which is a key precaution for Encephalitis, APPL and the students from Institute of Technology and Management (ITM), Gorakhpur organized an awareness camp at village Badgahan, Dist. Gorakhpur on 7th October 2007. 

 APPL organized a workshop in July 2007 in collaboration with U.P. state-level medical practitioners of alternative medicine (Ayurveda and Homeopathic) about the prevention and cure of Japanese Encephalitis. 

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