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             Regular Events by APPL

[2006 - Present]
Annual Blanket Distribution

December and January are the coldest months in northern India. APPL has been distributing blankets since 2006 to the poor and needy section of the society, living in remote areas of eastern UP. We started alone but gradually more and more people are joining us in our humble effort.

[2006-07, 2014 - Present]
Woollen Distribution

While on a visit to a Government school in recent past, APPL team realized that  Education department of UP provides free;each year 2 (two) sets of summer Khaki color school uniforms to the school kids but not woolens such as sweaters, caps or socks. That made us start the woolen distribution in government schools.

[2008 - Present]
Contributing for Other Social Causes

APPL takes part in various other social causes like donating for Prime Minister relief fund, flood relief, creating awareness for different diseases, women causes etc.

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