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Action for Peace, Prosperity and Liberty (APPL) is a not-for-profit public charitable trust set up in April 2006 to undertake developmental activities for underprivileged. It started its activities in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India and plans to expand to other Indian states.


APPL is registered under Indian Trusts Act 1882 and also with:

  • Govt. of  India

  • Planning Commission

  • Finance Ministry under Section 12 AA (1)(b) (i) of Income Tax Act 1961


Donations to APPL are exempted under section 80(G) of  Indian Income Tax Act 1961.


Currently, the Executive Trustee exclusively funds APPL.

Our Mission

The mission of APPL trust is –

  • To conduct and promote Research ,Training, and Field Studies on empowerment of women, youths and other unprivileged section of the society, on the issues related to disaster management, livelihood, sustainable development, education, HIV/ AIDS, health and hygiene and social cooperation.

  • To establish ideal field models and extension of developmental activities on the issues related to empowerment of women, youths and other unprivileged section of the society, disaster management, livelihood, human rights, health-services, sanitation, environment, agriculture, micro-credit facilities, local peoples institutions for self reliance of poor  communities, child welfare, and HIV/ AIDS.

  • To engage in activities that may reduce the poverty among the public in India, increase the awareness of their rights, health and dwelling and provide support to human being for their welfare in all manner.

  • To publish books, journals, papers, make films, documentaries, monographs and other materials for furtherance of trust.

  • To cooperate/collaborate with Trusts/NGOs/Government Bodies/others with similar concerns/activities.

  • To establish and open schools /colleges / professional institutions etc. and to run them.

  • To hold properties received on grants and donations and put into use the same for developmental activities aiming at the alleviation and relief of poor in India by inducing livelihood promotion among the poor through the self-help group methodology.

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