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APPL Against Corruption

Problem Scenario

Transparency International (TI), a global organization engaged in fights against corruption, and having several studies highlighting the damaging effects of corruption on over all development in various countries world-wide has posted India at serial No.87, indicating very high level of corruption prevailing in India. It is not different from our every day life-experience in almost every walk of life, be it getting issued ration-card, birth/death certificates from local municipality, getting old-age pension, retirement benefits (like PF, Gratuity, pension fixation), getting normal water/power/sewage connections, car/bike registration, driving license-issuance; for rural folks getting copies of land/crop records from Patwari (Lekhpal), BPL (below the poverty line) cards, SC/ST/OBC caste certificates from the local administration, getting a property transferred/registered in the local sub-registrar office, for city dwellers any job from a land owing Government Authority (like DDA,LDA, Noida/ Greater Noida authority etc ),may be even depositing/with-drawing your own money, land allotment for bigger projects, getting construction plans approved, completion/occupation certificates issued etc, leave aside bigger corporate issues of getting permissions/clearances to start a business, environmental /pollution clearances, big tag tender finalization, global procurement of defense-equipments, procurement/lease of aero-planes, naval vessels  etc. etc. Law- makers have been reported to demand and receive money for even their normal duties like asking regular questions/ voting in favor of ruling parties, inside the legislative houses. 







More photographs on the occasion are given here

APPL's stand against corruption


APPL, as a leading reputed charitable organization has its own experience in our day-to-day activities.

  • In April 2006,during registration of the APPL trust, we did not pay to any body, be it any government officials, consultants, brokers etc, besides for the due payments for the services of the attending advocate.

  • Similarly during our case in the Income tax department for grant of concessions under 80(G), we patiently waited for more than 5 year, applied and re-applied with all required details/documents and relentlessly pursued our case and finally got issued the required approval from the Income-tax department.

  • Our experience says if one is able to put his/her case strongly, do one’s home-work meticulously, submit all required documents, pursue the case repetitively with full faith & honesty, there are very good chances one would be saved of the situation where corruption could play a decisive role.

When the whole country was in the grip of Anna –wave, APPL also visited the Ramlila ground, a couple of times even in the bad weathers, to participate and support for the Anna Hazare’ s anti-corruption cause. 

APPL officials participated in the rally’s organized, both in the mornings and evenings in the local area (Sector-62, Noida, India), during the period of the crusade by Sri Anna Hazare.

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