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Collaborative Activity [2008]

Educating slum kids with volunteers from IBM India Research Lab (IRL), Delhi

Problem Scenario

Imparting practical education to poor kids of laborers is a challenge. Just like everywhere in India, near the new IBM Research location in New Delhi, India, one can find numerous children not going to school and living in filthy environment. Volunteers from IRL had started an amazing grass-root endeavor to educate some of these children since early 2007. APPL joined hands and helped organize running the classes on regular basis (about 50 children are enrolled and on any typical day 25-30 children attend the class), take the children to picnic, organize a health camp for these children in Aug 2007 and distribution of woolens in November 2007.



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Free Medical Check-Up Of Children Of Construction Workers On August 26, 2008

A free Medical Check-up was organized for the benefit of children of construction workers, living in the slums in vicinity of IBM India Research Labs. at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Three senior doctors, consisting of a lady ophthalmologist, and two Physicians were kind enough to volunteer their precious time and agreed to work for these children. Besides support from other active members of the group, three volunteers namely Mrs. Raghavan and  Dr. K. V .Raghavan and Dr.A. K. Srivastava participated and helped organize the event.


Scope of the Medical checkup 
This was the first organized medical checkup undertaken by our group and first experience for the target-group of children, as well. Keeping in view of the infrastructure available at the site, it was decided to screen the children for their basic problems only. Cards for medical check-up was made for 40 children, though some infants were attended to informally. Some adults, both gents and ladies wanted to extend the facilities to them also, but were denied due to paucity of time.


Besides, name, age, sex, height, weight, chest circumference, a complete checkup by Physician for heart & lower abdomen (with emphasis on condition of liver, spleen etc.), general health conditions and specific recommendations were done. Eye sight, vision, check for Glaucoma, cataract, night blindness, and general health conditions of eyes were done. General Oral hygiene ,dental carries, cavities were also checked.

Fruits and Milk was distributed to all children present, after the medical checkup.


Key findings by the attending doctors

General comments on the health of the children


  • The height and weight of all children are generally within acceptable limits,

  • Keeping in view their social and financial back ground ,malnutrition and lack of vital vitamins is rampant.

  • The general health condition of the girls are poorer in comparison to the boys.

  • Children should be told and encouraged about general personal hygiene, like taking bath, brushing teeth etc regularly.

  • Keeping in view, the prevailing living conditions, lack of proper toilet facilities, de-worming of all children is required to be done periodically ,say every six months


APPL offered to organize such medical-camps regularly in future for such unprivileged people.








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