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Want to get involved?

We appreciate your concern, association and time more than anything else. We will encourage you to get involved personally to maximize your satisfaction and make the process transparent. You can join us at multiple levels depending upon your choice.

We get a lot of ideas. You can share yours as well by contacting us and gaining from our experience. We implement from such a pool of ideas.


The best way to get involved is by spending time with us in our activities. Join us for our regular blanket distribution in winters, and cloth (saree) distribution in summers.


Provide scholarships to deserving children, especially girl students from poor and rural backgrounds, on merit–cum-need basis. It may cost approximately Rs.13,000/-(equivalent US$200) per child, covering for tuition-fees, books, supplies etc. The name, photograph and academic-progress will be shared with the donor.


Donation / Sponsorship can be very helpful for our periodic events like blanket distribution, health checkups, health awareness programs etc. The table below, shows the breakup of the approximate costs for blanket / saree distribution. We have been doing it for 10 years (see details on projects page).


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